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This page contains various things that I have created which you can download. There are Morrowind plug-ins and utilities, some c programs, etc.

At the moment, Neocities is refusing all zip uploads, so this Stuff page is broken.

Render Notes Five

This is a command line utility for generating audio, based on commands in an input text file. In other words, it is a monophonic software synthesizer that combines a simulated analog synthesizer, a sample-playback section, and effects processing. A text file goes in and audio comes out. Render_notes_5 has been under development for many years and and has become a usable product. It has been compiled and run successfully in windows (as a DOS (aka win32 console) program) and in unix/linux on a little-endian (intel/AMD) architecture. It is written in C and released under the GPL, version 2.


Morrowind is one of the coolest, most complex, most immersive, most addictive games I have ever played! The inclusion of a game editor was a really cool thing and it has allowed many cool plug-ins to be created. Here are mine. All plug-ins include a readme.


Cheating Plugins

Morrowind Utilities


Here is the area for writings, either writings by myself or writings by other people that I consider interesting enough to be replicated on my page.

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